The cloud and how to protect against stormy weather

A third-party backup provider is crucial for cloud data storage because it adds an extra layer of security and control. Relying solely on cloud providers to safeguard an organisation’s data may leave it vulnerable to various risks. With a third-party backup solution, the business maintains ownership and control of its data backups independently, ensuring quick access and recovery in emergencies.

Embracing the Tenant concept: In a cloud provider’s environment, individuals or businesses are akin to a tenant in an apartment block – renting or subscribing for a space with defined roles and responsibilities. While the provider ensures infrastructure security, safeguarding your data is your responsibility.

Importance of cloud backup: Regardless of the chosen provider, data insurance is imperative. Cloud backup ensures that even if the unexpected occurs, such as data breaches or ransomware attacks, valuable data remains safe.

Defending against insider threats: Employees leaving the business or accidental data deletions can lead to irretrievable losses. Cloud backup ensures data resilience against such risks.

Safeguarding against accidental loss: Accidental deletions or changes to critical documents can occur unnoticed. With cloud backup, individuals and businesses are equipped to recover data swiftly, mitigating the impact of such incidents.