From your cellphone to your laptop – Lock up and go

DataGr8’s cybersecurity strategy, rooted in the NIST framework, emphasises security. Their Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service utilizes AI technology for comprehensive security coverage across all devices. With global teams available 24/7, DataGr8 swiftly responds to security incidents, remotely addressing breaches on behalf of clients. They not only resolve issues but also aid in recovery, minimizing operational disruptions.

MDR vs Traditional Antivirus Solutions

Antivirus software: While traditional antivirus software relies on signature-based detection, it struggles to identify emerging threats beyond known patterns.

Next-generation antivirus solutions: These solutions introduce behavioural analysis but still primarily focus on identifying and detecting threats, lacking in responsive capabilities.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): EDR solutions enhance detection and protection but fall short in providing a comprehensive response to security incidents.