Cyber security awareness training – it starts with people

Cybersecurity is more than just technology – it’s about the convergence of people, business processes, and technologies. In this interconnected landscape, people are the vital link that can either strengthen or weaken a company’s defences. That’s why cybersecurity training is crucial – to empower individuals to become the first line of defence, creating a robust human firewall against cyber threats.

Training approach: DataGr8’s cybersecurity training programme starts with a thorough baseline assessment to pinpoint the organisation’s current awareness and knowledge levels. Over 12 months, participants undergo tailored, regular training sessions, accompanied by quarterly phishing simulations to assess responses to actual cyber threats. The programme also includes reinforcement training, using nano- and micro-learning modules to provide concise, targeted information. These modules ensure ongoing learning and reinforcement of cybersecurity principles, improving participants’ ability to apply their knowledge in real-world situations.

Impact assessment: At the conclusion of the programme, DataGr8 conducts another assessment to measure the effectiveness of the training. By comparing pre- and post-programme data, DataGr8 can evaluate the extent of behavioural change and the improvement in security culture within the organisation. The goal is not just to educate, but to instil a sense of accountability and empower individuals to make informed decisions in their daily activities.